In Memory

John Zwicky

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09/03/14 03:10 PM #1    

Dean Miller

"Zwick' was a cheerful, friendly big guy who, God knows why, was attracted to our group of perpetually misdirected clowns. We suffered from, among other forms of brain impairments,what I call Cumulative Testosterone Poisoning, an often fatal disease of young men/older boys and John, being concerned about not wrecking the family car and instead making his parents proud of him, soon came to his senses and moved on. I was saddened to learn of his premature demise, and remembered him as wise beyond his years. Had I followed his example I would have spared myself a lot of avoidable problems. So John, wherever you are, I remember your hearty laugh and your dad's super clean Oldsmobile. Rest in peace, buddy.

09/22/14 11:49 AM #2    

Dean Miller



Well, after the 50th Reunion and the sharing of memories, it appears there is a little more to the Zwicky saga. I have been reminded of the following adventure:

We had a large beer party in Bayside, with a Pony Keg provided by George Schuler, whose dad worked for Schlitz. We outlaws from WFB were present as well as some equally disturbed characters from Nicolet. 

Here, memories diverge. One version is John Z brought his guitar and there was another guitar there as well. The other is John’s was the only guitar. Not important.

The party was progressing as planned and a Nicolet friend, Pete Hauck, decided he was Chet Atkins and began playing the guitar. In his condition, and ours, he could have taken a red hot icepick to a bobcat’s butt and we would have thought it was music. Then, the Bayside cops raided us in force. Almost everyone scattered.  Pete kept playing, oblivious.  The successful escapees either ran up or down the bluff to the lake, depending on which memory located the party, but in either case it seems John Z rescued his guitar from Pete and ran with it. John was not exactly nimble when sober, he was a bit worse now.

He stumbled at the top of the bluff, fell, and rode the guitar to the bottom, destroying it.

About half the attendees got caught.  The legal stuff was just another day at the office, but the guitar ride was all new.

The moral of the story is: Wisconsin is great for toboggan rides, but:

1) not in hot weather

2) not on a guitar

Got that?

There is nothing else at all that was learned from this episode.

Great ride, John!!

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