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Linda Sherman

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09/01/14 03:10 PM #1    

Fred Silver

I was not really friends with Linda in high school, though I had known her since first grade through Sunday school.  We sat next to each other for four years at WFB during assemblies since everyone was seated alphabetically.  We were also lab partners in Mrs. Lewis' biology class, and Linda saved my hide by doing the entire frog dissection herself as I was too squeamish to do it.

Still, even from these relatively limited contacts, I thought Linda was one of the nicest people in our class (and definitely one of the cutest girls I had ever seen).

We actually became pretty close friends after college.  It was then that I truly realized what a kind, gentle, caring person Linda was. The last time I saw her was right before she moved to St. Louis.  She was so optimistic about the future, so full of life. 

In my mind's eye I can still see Linda's smile and hear her quiet laugh. I wish I had gotten to know her better in high school, but I was way too shy for that to happen.  I count myself as fortunate to have been able to know her later.

09/02/14 11:10 AM #2    

David Philips

Thank you Fred for posting your memories of Linda. I did not know Linda in high school (or post high school), but in digging through past school annuals, I came across four issues of "Scribbles", the Whitefish Bay High School Literary Magazine, and the June, 1964 issue contained this touching and thoughtful poem written by Linda Sherman:

The Traveler

The road is dry for lack of rain,

The dirt is dust when just is felt;

The sun beats hard on still, bright lane,

A hard hot blow the weather dealt.


The traveler crawled, suppressed by heat,

His tongue was dry, his spirit bent;

By air so parched, by undone feat,

By empty soul, by love all spent,


"Go run, go hide," his heart cried out,

"And leave the hurt behind your path,"

But wounds won't heal once turned about,

Life's salt poured on internal wrath.


Don't run, go home, you must lie still,

To bring about eternal peace;

Go home, traveler, beyond that hill,

Your sorrows end, your hurt will cease.

                                    Linda Sherman '64


09/02/14 01:56 PM #3    

Pam Dunlop (Becker)

So glad to see these comments.  I lived just a few blocks from Linda's house ... and I remember hanging out with her and Nancy Jacobson through elementary school.  Nancy lived a few blocks south on Santa Monica.  They both were really fun girls!  Yes, Linda was adorable, and she did have the cutest laugh ... I had forgotten till I read Freddie's post.  Remember her older brother Ricky?  Oh my, the memories are bittersweet.

09/04/14 08:15 PM #4    

Jonathan Previant

I'd known Linda since grade school, meeting her through Nancy Jacobson - Jake- and then through high school. But, it was  hard to stay in touch - she got hooked-up with Jimmy Zilber, and I saw her rarely...but when I did it was at Tom Genz's house, and I always had the impression she had snuck out. Her and Tom would duet on "Baby Love" and it was pretty fitting. She maintained a caring attitude about Ted Kamin for years, and that moved me deeply. She was sweet.

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