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Thomas Ross

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09/02/14 05:00 PM #1    

Frederick "Rick" Holtz

Tom Ross and I go way back to our early years at Henry Clay.  I first met Tom in Miss Margaret Schrankle's

second grade class.  In fact I remember Miss Schrankle saying something like,..."Tom is here with us this year to help me out.".  We did hang out together at each other's homes.  Tom was also a good friend of Dickie

Rice.  The happiest moments I spent with Tom were actually walking home from HC with him during the winter time and starting up snow ball fights on Marlborough Ave. while heading north.  I am pretty sure it was Tom, Danny Grossman (who left WFB for Nicolet H.)and maybe Jack Searles and myself, who on one first day of snow in the mid to late

50s started a gigantic snowball fight that involved alot of the high schoolers were just let out and already in their cars heading for home.  As the snowball fight began, the highschoolers jumped out of their cars, (leaving them running) and then chasing us and throwing snowballs.  I remember these highschoolers were tall and huge!  This situation caused a HUGE traffic jam on Marlborough Drive.  (I always wondered why the police never showed up).  Any how I remember Tom's playful spirit and his laughter.  It was not until I had come home from college during a break that my mother informed

me of Tom's tragic passing.  Blessings and "RIP" Tom!  We miss you!

09/02/14 06:38 PM #2    

Kay Rahmlow (Reinhart)

We lived across the street from the Rosses and our parents were really good friends. They were one if the nicest families on the planet. Tom wasn't a close friend but was so likeable, his loss so tragic. One year, when I was home from college, I went over to the house to say hello and see how they were doing. Only Johnny, Tom's dad, was home. He fixed me a "highball" and we chatted the evening away, just two old pals; now a sweet memory.

09/06/14 04:36 PM #3    

Peter Hess

When I moved to Whitefish Bay Tom became one of my best friends at Henry Clay. He, Jack Searles, Rich Dousman and I spent a lot of time palling around together. Tom had a very active sense of humor. I can clearly remember his red (orange) hair and his ready smile. I'm sure all those traits followed him during his lifetime. A good guy. Sadly missed.

09/08/14 01:16 PM #4    

David Spira

I knew Tom from Henry Clay, especially from Mr. Miller's class where we used to kid each other mercilessly (but in good humor). We both were on the wrestling team (he more successfully than I) for four years at WFB. I recall working with Tom after school pondering over some arcane points of bookkeeping in one of our classrooms while others were holding a meeting for one of the school's various clubs.  As Peter noted above, he had an infectious grin and a ready sense of humor.  I was shocked when I noted in the 25th Re-union booklet that he had passed.  He was a good friend and a great guy.     

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