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Ted Kamin

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08/30/14 02:47 PM #1    

Anne "Ahna" Cleveland

I knew Ted best at Henry Clay. He was a fun and sweet person. He often would make me feel better, when I had been teased or let myself be hurt by some of the more "mean" kids. He had a way of making it all seem silly. Near the end of his life in high school, he became very interested in dance (not common or easy for a teenage boy at that time). We took some dance classes together and became reacquainted at that time.

Ted was never the same after his father's death, and I guess the pain was too much for him. Still, I'll always remember and appreciate him as the cute, kind and funny guy, who sat in front of me in English class and homeroom and made me smile and feel better about myself.


09/02/14 05:29 PM #2    

Frederick "Rick" Holtz

Sadly,I didn't get to know Ted Kamin as well as so many other HC fellow classmates.  I do remember his

humor and smiles and his nickname "KK".  I remember that he had an older brother who became an

accomplished pianst and who had won a piano contest and in winning first prize, got to meet the famed composer and conductor, Igor Stravinsky.  Ted was so proud of his brother.  What I will never forget about Ted was that BRILLIANT science project he made in

Mr. William F. Miller's 8th Grade Science Class!  For his project Ted made a beautiful clock

totally fashioned by hand out of wood including all the working gears and complete with pendulum!)  When he set the clock for the

pendulum to swing, he designed it so one could see all of the interlocking wooden gears move at the same time too!   I will always remember Ted for that science project, and that brilliant talent, and so many others he had and did not have time to utliize or share.  In saying this, I am sure that can be said for all of our dear alumns that have passed away.  BLESSINGS ALWAYS TO YOU TED and ALL OF OUR DEAR DEPARTED CLASSMATES and FRIENDS!         Fred/Rick 

09/04/14 08:30 PM #3    

Jonathan Previant

Ted was a gymnast, an artist, a student, just a kid. All these years later, this still upsets me. There's just not enough space to tell all the stories, follow all the threads. But, here's one: the day after his suicide I was in John Paul Jones' sociology class, a class that Ted and I shared. A visibly shook JP just looked at us and said: we'd all like to be the catcher in the rye, and sometimes we miss. My memory is that he left the room then, and that was the class. 

09/05/14 07:28 AM #4    

Kay Rahmlow (Reinhart)

Teddy and I would meet at Cahill skating rink in 8th grade, hold hands and skate and skate. He wore big leather gloves and I can still feel him take my hand in my woolly mittens. Every winter when I take out winter wear I remember and feel his hand.

09/05/14 03:09 PM #5    

JoAnn Yampol (Rohyans Md)

I remember vividly sitting across a table from Ted during our time in the library.  He would mischieviously roll my knee high socks down around my ankles (with his foot) all the time we were talking about the Cuban Missile crisis/Bay of Pigs and discussing who would get drafted and how guys could avoid the draft by getting married!  Ted was a wonderful, fun loving friend and then all of a sudden, he was gone!  Little did we know or understand how tormented a guy in high school could be.

09/06/14 06:08 PM #6    

Barbara Burns (Lauman)

Ted sat next to me in art class. He was always so nice, quiet and a great artist. One day, he asked if he could borrow one of my pencils and he'd return it the next class. But, then he was just gone. I still think of him.

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