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Judith Junge

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09/03/14 10:53 AM #1    

Frederick "Rick" Holtz

I remember Judith (Judy) Junge throughout my entire years at Henry Clay.  Judy was tall with

blond hair and pretty blue eyes.  She was very quiet in her classes and seemed shy.  She would

often say "hi" to me and I would return the greeting but in almost silent recognition.

Sometimes as we reflect upon our past life experiences, we always think of friends and

acquaintances  and how they conducted themselves toward others. I noted early on that

Judy seemed to be what could be classified as "a loner".  She didn't hang out with a group of friends.  Still,

Judy was an extremely kind and gentle person, and I think she struggled daily with personal challenges and

somehow manage to get through each school day.  I think her challenges may have affected her self-esteem.

It truly saddens my heart that I personally could have done so much more to make her feel happier, and more

at ease with her grade school experience.  I know  that thought was certainly not on the minds of

elementary school children and I wonder if she ever recovered from that feeling of isolation as she entered

high school.  This confession coming this late in my life now after Judy's passing, and not knowing how

she turned out, serves to remind me that we are here to always be kind to others in any circumstance.

I will fondly remember Judith for her tremendous daily courage in facing daily challenges, and yet having a

smile and greeting for many.  I have no doubt that Judy is enjoying her Heavenly Home and smiling down at

us with no more cares or worries.  Blessings Always to you Judy!




09/03/14 11:44 AM #2    

Sheila Tarnow (Aldoroty)

Judy Junge was the loyal friend who got me to high school on time most days. She lived just past me and would pick me up each morning. If she was late it was my fault. For our graduation present to ourselves we went to see the Beatles and heard more screaming than singing. We kept up with each other on and off through the years.
She was involved in the Renaissance fair and met her husband there. He was from Tucson  and she lived there for a few years. The marriage did not last long and she returned to teach in Milwaukee. She was heavily involved in Big Sisters and went on and on about her little sister who gave her much joy along with her sister Cathy's children. I don't know how she died but it was sudden and too soon. 


09/03/14 03:18 PM #3    

Kay Rahmlow (Reinhart)

I would have known Judy, like many of you, through all our school years, and for me, from 5th grade. At our 25th reunion, the last one I attended, I got to spend some time with her and it was such a treat to get to know her a bit better and to learn more about her life after our days at WFB. I found her to be sweet and interesting and wish we could have continued on with that fledgling friendship. 

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