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Kenneth Frazier

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08/30/14 09:04 AM #5    

Thomas Loke

Amazing tribute, Ahna,

Ken & I were neighbors & friends from grade school through high school & then I lost track of him. I remember him "teaching" me how to box in his basement; I always seemed to have lots of bruises & his pretty face rarely had a mark on it!?

08/30/14 02:16 PM #6    

Anne "Ahna" Cleveland

Thank you, Tom, Barbara and Rue! :-)

08/31/14 07:25 AM #7    

Trevor Cramer

I too was one of Ken's neighbors on Lydell Avenue.  When we moved to Whitefish Bay he was one of the first friends I had.  He taught me how to shovel snow; how to throw a baseball (very throwing, not Ken teaching); how to use the back yards and alley behind our houses; how to successfully "trick-or-treat" on Halloween (a new holiday for me!).  When I heard of his death I was deeply saddened.  I new none of the details, and we had not been in touch since I moved to Florida, but I remember feeling a great loss.  After all these years I remember his smile and his generosity of character.  He is missed by many.  I still consider him my friend.

09/06/14 03:16 PM #8    

Peter Hess

I didn't know Kenny that well, but I played a lot of basketball with him and remember his love of sports. His dream in those days was to be a general manager for the Cincinnati Reds. My perception of Ken was that he was a kind-hearted guy, always thinking of others. It's very sad to hear he is gone. 

09/06/14 05:05 PM #9    

Sharon "Rue" Link (Nelson)

You are right Peter...Ken was "Mr. Hoops". 


09/07/14 03:26 PM #10    

Nancy Samosky (Doonan)

Kenny was my 6th grade hero.  One day while waiting for the bell to ring a classmate of ours (whom shall remain nameless) at Richards School was making fun of me and pushed me down and forced my head into the mud.  Kenny saw this and grabbed him and pushed him off of me.  He yelled at him and told him never ever to do this again to me or anyone.  I of course was cryng but he saved me from being bullied by this person and he never again hurt me.  Kenny was definitely my hero and I have never forgotten this.  Thank you Kenny, you were always kind and caring.











09/09/14 12:50 PM #11    

Kevin Kelley

Really nice tributes for "Fuzzy".  Like Tata, I played a lot of hoops with Kenny,and he could no doubt shoot with the best of them.  I had a tough transition to hs basketball, and Ken was always encouraging me that I could make it at this level.  We spent the fall of soph year at the Cahill courts trying to get our games ready for varsity action.  That worked for Fuzz, not so much for me.  Only Steinie and Kenny made the team that year.   

It seems that all Kenny needed later in life was a bit of good luck to have gotten over the hump.  Just like all of us I guess.  Excellent that he could leave people like Ahna and Nancy with such poignant and deep memories - a pretty good legacy.  I miss him.  Kevin Kelley

09/09/14 08:19 PM #12    

Anne "Ahna" Cleveland

Nice comments, Kevin!  I forgot about Ken's nickname, "Fuzzy" or "Fuzz". That brought back sweet memories as well as a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes.  :-)

09/15/14 03:28 PM #13    

Dan Begel

Kenny was a beautiful athlete and a beautiful person. He used to make these sweeping interceptions on the playground at Richards that I could only dream about. He had kind words for me when I was injured my senior year, words that came totally out of the blue at exactly the right time. Nancy Samosky's memory of his standing up for her against a bully is Ken all the way.

Kenny was quiet, however, and as close as we were as kids, most of what passed in our lives was spoken only briefly and vaguely. Sometimes you don't hear what someone is saying until after they are gone.

09/16/14 02:16 PM #14    

Peter Hess

Kevin and Dan,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kenny. It's surprising how much finding out of his passing affected me. He was a cool guy with a big heart, the highest compliment in my book. 


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