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Richard Chernov

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08/25/14 04:22 PM #1    

Sharon "Rue" Link (Nelson)

Many of us have fond memories of Richard Chernov.  For me, Richard was my true kindred soul and confidant throughout high school.  I could share anything with him and know that what I had shared would stay between the two of us.  He would keep me afloat when I was down and out~a very special and unique character trait in a friend.  The last time that I saw Richard was in the late 1980's at the WFB Post Office.  He told me all about the Birch Trail Camp for Girls that he and his wife had just bought and how excited he was to follow his true dream.  Richard's wife and son, Gabe, are running the Birch Trail Camp and keeping Richard's dream alive.  Richard's daughter, Tanya, wrote a book about her father, A Real Eotional Girl--A Memoir of Love and Loss.      I have her book on my nightstand and have just started reading it--with a box of kleenix in close proximity.

The cycle of life continues as Richard's son, Dylan, lives in Duluth, MN, and teaches at Marshall Preparatory School in Duluth where my two oldest grandchildren attend.  My older daughter, husband, and two grandchildren think the world of Dylan!  Dylan teaches 5th grade English and he also tutors students--one of which is my grandson.  Dylan, like his father before him, "firmly believes in the need to strengthen the emotional intelligence of children and he is committed to helping them navigate the roads leading them into adulthood by providing them with the necesary tools and supporting them along the way".

The next time that I am visiting my family in Duluth, I shall be seeing Dylan~and remembering his wonderful father and my best friend, Richard Chernov.

08/28/14 12:01 PM #2    

James Grodin

Richard and I go back to second grade with Miss Holgate. We also moved together to Henry Clay starting in fifth grade, when the boundary line between Cumberland and Henry Clay shifted .  However, we really got to know each other when we became practicing lawyers in Milwaukee in the early 1970's.  Richard was an excellent lawyer, with a soft, professional demeanor, and into the 1980's he focused his practice in the area of immigration law, which was then starting to become a growth legal speciality.  Shortly before we moved to Orlando, I ran into Richard on the street in downtown Milwaukee. He advised he was leaving the law, and buying a girls summer camp in Northern Wisconsin.  I was surprised, but Richard told me that he was following his dream, and follow it he did.  

We never visited Birch Trail Camp for Girls, but we know of its high quality through our youngest son attending Birch Trail's brother camp, Northstar .  Birch Trail is still being run by Richard's family, and is a legacy of Richard's smart mind, and his easy demeanor.  For those who are interested, Barney Kaminsky told me that Richard's daughter published a book about Richard's last days battling cancer.  It is available on 


08/30/14 07:24 PM #3    

Julie Strauss (Even)

I knew Dick Chernov well and loved him dearly.  A finer person anyone would have

trouble finding.  He was great fun and a wonderful friend.  He was a terrific athlete,

especially at Alpine skiing and at all water sports.

As an aside, Dick and I had our very first date together; this was in seventh grade. His 

mom and dad, Mimi and Ben, drove us to a movie downtown and picked us up

afterwards---a great memory.

I am very happy that Dick was able to realize his dream, and that his family is able to keep 

his dream going.

He is sorely missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

08/31/14 04:33 PM #4    

Fred Silver

Practically every day of my freshman and sophomore years at WFB began by stopping at the Chernov's house to pick up Dick.  We'd sit in the kitchen while Dick finished his breakfast.  Dick was pretty much my first "best friend," though we drifted apart our junior and senior years.

But we reconnected right after college as we both began teaching careers in MPS.  We took karate together on Wisconsin Avenue and both got into still photography.  He was a terror on the mat during sparring sessions. We also shared a love of jazz.  Every Friday we would meet at the end of the school day at The Gentry Shop for a a straight-razor shave topped off by hot towels.

But again we drifted apart once Dick started law school.  At one point we discussed my becoming the director of Birch Trail, but it wasn't the right time.

I regret not keeping in touch with Dick and Barb once they moved to Arizona.  He was a great friend, and we shared many special times.

I don't regret that I introduced Dick to Barb.  I remember telling him, "There's someone I'd like you to meet.  I think you two will really hit it off. That, it turned out, was an understatement.

Dick was a special person.  At times I still can not believe that he passed.


09/17/14 02:44 PM #5    

Jean Rose (Hamann)

Something about the great smile, the twinkle in his eye and an unforgettable voice made Dick one of my favorite "boys" to be around in high school!  But... it's not "back in the day" that prompts my comments. I have just read Tanya Chernov's memoir and have profound respect for Richard Chernov, " the man."  It was difficult to read about the tremendous suffering he (and his family) endured during his illness...BUT what a legacy he has left in terms of family, friends and "campers!"  The advice that he shared as he neared the end of his life was "to begin everything you do and say with love..." ( paraphrase)  Thank you, Dick!  May we all take those words to heart!









































09/17/14 03:04 PM #6    

Frederick "Rick" Holtz

That was beautifully expressed Jean.  I remember Richard more from our HC days and recall we were in the

same homeroom together (7-3, Miss Anita D'lassandra's).  Though we were not close friends at HC, Dick was

always a kind soul to every one!  I so remember his very easy going manner and frequent smiles and his low

voice.  I will remember Dick always for his pleasantness and very laid back personality.

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